Training Details

The following information is provided to give you an overview of the program.  Please read all of the details included in this informational guide.

There are no prerequisites for becoming a Certified Educator of Infant Massage though you must be at least 18 years of age to attend and certify.

Your infant massage 4-day certification training is offered through Infant Massage USA which is the United States Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage.  It is a comprehensive evidence based program that encourages parents to touch, massage and bond with their baby.  The training is 4 days and the hours are generally from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but please check with your trainer as some venues may require alternate hours.   Light snacks will be provided at the training but meals will be your own responsibility.  Please dress in comfortable casual attire as we will be working both on and off of the floor.   While the training is in session, you will learn our 15 point core curriculum.

The 4-day certification training has a parent/baby class embedded within it and the parents and babies come on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days of the training from 2 in the afternoon until 3.  Each participant is encouraged to invite parents with babies ages 1-pre-crawling from their community as the parents and babies can really enjoy the experience.  The learning experience within the training is enhanced by having 6-8 babies attend.  Please forward the names and phone number/email of the parents that you invite to me at or 303-332-8817.  We find that people can really enjoy inviting babies they know but this is not a requirement to participate in the training.

Students will participate in a supervised parent/baby class during your training so you have the opportunity to experience teaching a class in a supervised setting.  Following each class, we have a discussion designed to reinforce and enhance learning which will help each participant to facilitate and guide groups at the conclusion of the training.

The requirements to become certified include:

  1. Attend the 4-day certification training
  2. Complete the required open book assignment
  3. Complete a practicum course working with 5 different parents in our 5 session format
  4. Submit your assignment package to your trainer for review

Explanation: The take-home open-book certification assignment has 39 multiple choice questions, thirteen short-answer and 6 essay questions. They are based on the course information and reading material we cover in class. You read the materials, do a bit of research, and complete it, and submit it to you trainer.  The assignment reinforces all you have learned and helps you feel confident as a parent/baby educator.

The practicum is something you do in your own area.  First, find 5 parents with babies under the age of 1 and teach them to massage their babies as taught and demonstrated in the training. In a class series:  5 classes of approximately 60-90 minutes and a week apart. We will have a marketing section of the class that will help you understand how to find parents in your local area or you can draw from your own acquaintances and contacts through your work or life. You will get started right away teaching infant massage!

We set a due date for this certification assignment to be submitted four months after the training ends. If necessary, you can extend the due date on a limited basis.

All the certification process is included in your original tuition fee along with materials and your first year of membership in our association.

Once you successfully complete the requirements, you will be recognized as a Certified Educator of Infant Massage and you will be a member of Infant Massage USA ®.  Your certification is recognized around the world, in more than 50 countries, through the International Association of Infant Massage whose website is

Your certification allows you to teach parents how to massage their babies in individual or group settings.  You are also certified to present infant massage benefits to public and profession groups as well as agencies who are interested in learning more about infant massage.

Please note that your certificate does not allow you to train other professionals in infant massage as that can only be done by a qualified and trained international trainer who has years of experience teaching parent/baby courses and training around the nation and/or in other countries.  Nor does your certificate allow you to massage babies yourself as only the parent should massage their own baby.  Please send any questions to


Infant Massage USA is proud to offer Continuing Education Credit Hours to health care professionals in various professions.  Discovering whether or not our course qualifies in your profession is your professional obligation.  Please contact your professional credentialing agency to see if our course qualifies.

We are currently approved providers  through the NCBTMB for massage therapy, the ONA for nurses, the AOTA for occupational therapy and others.  Please visit our website for a complete list at

An additional $15 administrative fee and application will be collected during the training for those seeking CEU credit.  Please also provide your professional license # when you apply.

Choosing your doll for your infant massage work:

We require life-size dolls to practice and demonstrate the strokes.  Your infant massage demonstration doll needs to be infant-like and actual infant-sized, flexible, soft and weighted.  The doll should not have hair or have any “tricks” such a wetting or crying and should be approximately 18-22 inches in length.  It should have flexible (fabric) shoulder and hip joints which will allow you to demonstrate the exercises and position the arms and legs for demonstrating strokes.

It is best if the doll has permanent open eyes so you can demonstrate making eye contact with your doll during class.  It always helps to have a doll that you enjoy working with.

Some brands that instructors like are Berenguer La Baby or Berenguer Lots to Cuddle. They fit all the above criteria. There are African-American and Asian dolls available along with Caucasian dolls.

You can order Berenguer dolls through Infant Massage USA’s online warehouse at Purchases made through our website benefit our non-profit association.

Berenguer dolls and others can also be found at online stores such as Amazon or at stores such as WalMart and/or Target.  Though these locations can be less expensive than our warehouse, we find they are not always consistently available at the various locations.  We encourage you to choose the purchasing method you feel most comfortable with or you may even have access to a doll at home or through work—though it needs to meet our requirements.  We use our dolls the morning of the first day and throughout the training so please be prepared.  If you are flying to the training, either fly with your doll (recommended) or plan extra time and transportation to locate and purchase one prior to the start of the training.   




Training Schedule

Austin, Texas    **Sold Out**
July 29-Aug 1

Denver, Colorado
August 12-15

Houston, Texas
October 21-24

Dallas, Texas
August 26-29

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 4-7

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