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Congratulations on successfully completing your registration form for your 4-day Infant Massage Certification Training!!  This is your official invitation.  Please be sure to include your payment if you have not already done so-proceed with payment.

I am very excited to bring my passion for infant massage and this amazing training, based on the writings and program created by Vimala McClure, to you.  We have people attend from all kinds of wonderful professions and we have people attend locally as well as people who drive or fly for hours to attend.  We are united in our common mission to make the world a better place for parents and babies and that really makes for a fun atmosphere and plenty of dialogue and questions.

Please allow extra time to arrive each day of the training as we will be starting at 9:00 a.m.   We will end at 5:00 p.m. each day and may go a bit over so please be prepared to stay and learn for the entire time.  I work diligently to be respectful of your time but keep in mind that attendance is both requested and required.

We break for lunch each day when the timing is right generally around 12:00 or 12:30.  You are welcome to bring a lunch or there are usually locations close by our training site that can be accessed by walking or by car.

Please make sure you have a doll that meets the criteria below, throughout the training:

We require life-size dolls to practice and demonstrate the strokes.  Your infant massage demonstration doll needs to be infant-like and actual infant-sized, flexible, soft and weighted.  The doll should not have hair or have any “tricks” such a wetting or crying and should be approximately 18-22 inches in length.  It should have flexible (fabric) shoulder and hip joints which will allow you to demonstrate the exercises and position the arms and legs for demonstrating strokes.

It is best if the doll has permanent open eyes so you can demonstrate making eye contact with your doll during class it can help to have a doll that you enjoy working with.

Some brands that instructors like are Berenguer La Baby or Berenguer Lots to Cuddle. They fit all the above criteria. There are African-American and Asian dolls available along with Caucasian dolls.

You can order Berenguer dolls through Infant Massage USA’s online warehouse at Purchases made through our website benefit our non-profit association.

Berenguer dolls and others can also be found at online stores such as Amazon or at stores such as WalMart and/or Target.  Though these locations can be less expensive than our warehouse, we find they are not always consistently available at the various locations.  We encourage you to choose the purchasing method you feel most comfortable with or you may even have access to a doll at home or through work—though it needs to meet our requirements.  We use our dolls the morning of the first day and throughout the training so please be prepared.  If you are flying to the training, either fly with your doll (recommended) or plan extra time and transportation to locate and purchase one prior to the start of the training.   

Please also bring a pillow to sit on as we will be on and off of the floor, towel (large bath towel or similar sized blanket), pen and paper.  It is important to wear appropriate comfortable clothing, please no skirts or dresses since we will be working both in chairs and on the floor.

Please invite parents with babies ages 1-8 months to come to the free parent/baby section of the class.  The parent/baby section of the class is days 2, 3 and 4 of the training from 2-3 p.m.  Ideally, each person attending should invite  at least one parent/baby group who can attend all 3 of the 3 parent/baby sessions.  This can be easy for some and difficult for others but our trainings are better with plenty of babies to observe.

I am eager for you to learn and teach this ancient tradition.  If you have any questions between now and your training, email me  I will return your correspondence as quickly as I can.

I can also be reached by cell phone at 303-332-8817.  Please note that I am not always able to be with my cell phone or able to have it turned on so email is the best way to get the fastest response from me.  I travel often and sometimes overseas with different time zones so please respect that I will correspond with you as quickly as I can.

Laura Charlton
International Trainer—infant massage

Take note of the instructions above and then proceed with payment

Training Schedule

Austin, Texas    **Sold Out**
July 29-Aug 1

Denver, Colorado
August 12-15

Houston, Texas
October 21-24

Dallas, Texas
August 26-29

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 4-7

Mission: To promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education, and research so that parents, caregivers, and children are loved, valued, and respected throughout the world community.