Certified Educator of Infant Massage 4-day Training

Please contact Trainer Laura Charlton to make her aware that you have successfully submitted your registration form and what payment arrangement you are making at  It is important to both of us to be in communication about your registration process.  Submission of your registration form and submission of your payment should happen together.  If you need to wait to pay, please also wait to submit your form until you are prepared to make your payment.

Payment Options:

Check or Money Order

Those who pay by check or money order are eligible for our early registration discount of $25 off which makes the training only $625.00 but payment must be made by mail and received on or before 21 days earlier than the start date of the training.

Please make the check or money order in my name:

Laura Charlton
275 Settlement Lane A-3
Elizabeth Colorado 80107


  1. PayPal payments are not eligible for the early registration discount rate but do qualify for our already low price of $650.00
  2. Please keep a copy of your receipt provided to you through PayPal

**Agencies who are paying for multiple members (3+) at a discounted rate need to make sure that each participant submits their own individual registration form filled out by the student participant rather than an administrative representative.  Thank you! 


Training Schedule

Austin, Texas    **Sold Out**
July 29-Aug 1

Denver, Colorado
August 12-15

Houston, Texas
October 21-24

Dallas, Texas
August 26-29

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 4-7

Mission: To promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education, and research so that parents, caregivers, and children are loved, valued, and respected throughout the world community.