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Training Details

The Infant Massage USA® educator training is an evidence-based comprehensive 4-day training course. The course covers all aspects of instructing parents on infant massage through nurturing touch. Personal development of the educator is an integral part of the training. The opportunity to practice and teach the strokes as well as to discuss research and theory with parents prepares the student to organize and conduct classes, whether individual or group, with confidence. Each Infant Massage USA® member who is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM) is listed on our national educator directory with his/her location and contact information. This helps parents find classes offered in their area. The training curriculum covers:

  •     Benefits of infant massage
  •     History of Infant Massage and of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)
  •     Massage techniques and how to adapt these skills as infants develop
  •     Communication, teaching, group facilitation and lesson planning skills
  •     Bonding and the relationship between massage and bonding
  •     Infant and child development in relationship to massage
  •     Infant cues, crying and behavioral states
  •     Massage for special situations (colic, babies born prematurely or with special needs, etc.)
  •     Understanding, supporting and valuing parents
  •     Research
  •     Marketing and promoting massage classes
  •     Safety guidelines for the use of oils

The Infant Massage Certification 4 day Training (28 CE Hours) is followed by the Certified Educator of Infant Massage Exam and Practicum (28 CE Hours), totaling 56 CE hours. (Participants will receive a certificate for the 28 classroom hours from SEG, and, if both components are completed, will receive a certificate from Infant Massage USA® for 56 CE hours.) About CEIM Certification To qualify as a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM) you must:

  •     Attend the 4-day certification training
  •     Complete an open-book assignment
  •     Work with five families and their babies
  •     Submit certification package for review

Once you have successfully completed these requirements, you will be certified as a CEIM and become a full member of Infant Massage USA®. Included in the training fee is a one-year Student Membership with Infant Massage USA® beginning with the training date. (This membership is updated to ‘CEIM Membership’ when the student receives CEIM status.)

Training Schedule

Austin, Texas    **Sold Out**
July 29-Aug 1

Denver, Colorado
August 12-15

Houston, Texas
October 21-24

Dallas, Texas
August 26-29

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 4-7

Mission: To promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education, and research so that parents, caregivers, and children are loved, valued, and respected throughout the world community.